Dear Donor:

One of the best aspects of my job is getting to hear amazing stories about the lives that are transformed and the hearts that are touched because of the care that Panhandle Home Health provides.
Take Bob for instance, who had extensive heart surgery and needed transitional care following his hospital stay.

“At age 68, after a very extensive heart surgery, I have never encountered such a positive, attentive, professionally competent group. They played a huge role in helping me in my transitional care from the hospital. I had personally never undergone such a major surgery in my life and the nurses at Panhandle Home Health were there to comfort me in my transition.”

“Thank you is a very insufficient word to express from my (recently repaired) heart the feeling of gratitude that my family and I share for your services provided.”

Without the ongoing commitment of generous people like you, Panhandle Home Health cannot provide the much needed care that Bob and others like him need. Your donations truly give our patients an opportunity to transform their lives – a dream they deserve.


What makes home health so exceptional is its approach of not just caring for the patient, but also for the family. Nurses at Panhandle Home Health address patients’ physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual needs, and more often than not, family plays a role in all three.

This surprised Sue, whose husband was a patient with Panhandle Home Health for over five years.

“Our nurse has become part of our family. We have called her the Miracle Worker- always knowing the best way to treat my husband’s wounds. Even when we felt like the worst wounds would never heal, our nurse found a way to not only help my husband heal faster, but to ease my mind and worries as well… she truly is our angel, and has done so much to keep my husband alive and well.”

Sue and other families like hers rely on this assistance to help them through difficult times. These essential services would not be available without your support. You are helping to create a better quality of life and elevating the level of care for our patients and their families.

At Panhandle Home Health, we exist to serve YOU and YOUR loved ones, and to provide hope, healing and recovery. Thanks to you, our caregivers have touched the lives of thousands – whether they faced an urgent need, a devastating disease or sought to improve their quality of life.

You can make a difference today! Your gift of $5.00, $50.00 or $500.00 will make the difference in the lives of people like Bob, Sue and their families.
Make a gift today, change a life!

Lisa R. Bivens, RN
Executive Director

PS Your gift today ensures that we have the resources to change and transform lives like Bob and Sue! (All patient names have been changed to preserve anonymity.) Gifts of $500 or more qualify for WV Neighborhood (NIP) Tax Credits. Please mark the box on the response card.

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